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Reviews and Year List

To read our reviews of events and regional-wide events click here and a list of the key sagre in Abruzzo.

Pettorano sul Gizio – La Serenata di Capodanno

Pettorano sul Gizio Piazza Zanelli, Pettorano sul Gizio, L'Aquila, Italy

Pettorano sul Gizio's New Year's Serenade  (La Serenata di Capodanno) is back after 2 years and worth joining for anyone who loves to sing-in the New Year!

Scanno: La Serenate delle Chezette

Scanno Via Don Bosco, Scanno, L'Aquila, Italy

La Serenate delle Chezette is busking Scanno style. Through a simple serenade, your reward is a meal and company in the deep dark winter. It takes place on the eve of Epiphany (5th Jan), villagers hang up a sock and sing this traditional folk song called the Chezette.

Collelongo: San’Antonio Abate Festa

Collelongo Piazza della Chiesa, Collelongo, L'Aquila, Italy

Don’t miss the chance to join the Marsican town of Collelongo’s traditional  & very unique communal celebration for the Egyptian hermit, San’Antonio Abate which dates back 4 centuries! 

Hilde in Italy – Art and Life in Photographs by Hilde Lotz-Bauer

Museum of Rome in Trastevere Piazza di S. Egidio, 1/b, Roma, RM, Italy

Hilde Lotz-Bauer's photographs from 1930-1943 offer a unique perspective on Italy during that period. The opportunity to see 200 of her images in the Trastevere exhibition sounds like a wonderful experience, providing a glimpse into the magic of Scanno, Abruzzo and other Italian landscapes. Art has a special way of transporting us to different eras and immersing us in the beauty of the past.


Tossicia: Il Fuoco di Sant’Antonio

Tossicia Via Roma, Tossicia, Teramo, Italy

Tossicia 204 glorious fire and celebrations to celebrate San Antonio d'Abate. The construction of the fire is a marvel in itself!

Colledimezzo: San Biagio Feast Day

Colledimezzo Ex Scuole Elementari, Via Roma, Colledimezzo, Chieti, Italy

Join the people of Colledimezzo on Friday 3rd February to celebrate the traditional feast of San Biagio.  The day will include the blessing of the loaves (the typical colledimezzesi panettaille), the anointing/blessing of the throat, a tour of the traditional fair, music,  as well as mass and the procession of the saint and a bargain 3-course lunch for just €15.

Montorio al Vomano – La morte di Carnevale

Montorio a Vomano Piazza Orsini, Montorio al Vomano, TE, Italy

On Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, Montorio al Vomano (TE) holds ‘La Morte di Carnevale’ (Death of the Carnival). 

FAI Open Spring Days Across Abruzzo

Abruzzo , Italy

To coincide with the official start of Spring, FAI, hosts Open Days across Italy in sites of cultural heritage and there is always a wealth of visits planned in Abruzzo.    

Chieti – Good Friday Chieti – La Processione del Venerdì Santo

Chieti Piazza S. Giustino, 22, Chieti, Chieti, Italy

Abruzzo's most famous Easter event on Good Friday is held in Chieti. It consists of an evening torch-lit procession that weaves in & out of its historic centre carrying the body of Christ that is accompanied by an orchestra that includes 100 violinists

Sulmona’s Easter Sunday Running Madonna

Chiesa di San Filippo Neri Piazza Garabaldi, Sulmona, L'Aquila, Italy

The La Madonna che Scappa ceremony, organised by the Santa Maria di Loreto Brotherhood, has been an integral part of Sulmona's cultural fabric since the 11th century. This Easter Sunday morning re-enactment adds a captivating layer of charm to the city's already rich tapestry of traditions and features the Madonna running through the piazza in Sulmona in celebration of her son's resurrection.

San Donato (AQ) -Tre Madonna Peace Walk

San Donato Chiesa di Sant'Erasmo, Via S. Erasmo, San Donato, L'Aquila, Italy

oin the Tre Madonna Peace Walk in San Donato with the villages of Gallo and Poggio Filippo on Paquetta (Easter Monday).  This walk is well travelled, the three villages have been doing it annually since 1639

Sulmona – Festa dei Fuochi

Piazza Garabaldi Piazza Garabaldi, Sulmona, AQ, Italy

Sulmona's ancient Spring festival celebrates the arrival of the sun and the good season through the traditional lighting of fires to mark the end of winter

L’Aquila Vintage and Antique Roadshow by the Abruzzo Restore Squad

Mokà Cafè - L'Aquila Stazione Piazzale della Stazione 9, L'Aquila, AQ, Italy

Join us in celebrating the timeless allure of vintage and antique shopping in L'Aquila, the newly crowned Italian Capital of Culture 2026 and the launch of our Abruzzo Restore Squad on our L’Aquila Vintage and Antique Roadshow pop-up!


Cupello Artichoke Festival

Cupello Corso Mazzini, Cupello, Chieti, Italy

From 24 to 28 April 2024, Cupello will host the "Festival del Carciofo", a flavorful event to celebrate the symbol of Cupello: the purple-tinted Mazzaferrata artichoke whose hearts are sweet and crunchy.

Cocullo Snake Festival

Chiesa di San Domenico Via S. Domenico, Cocullo, L'Aquila, Italy

Unleash the magic of Cocullo's Snake Festival, where Pagan & Christian rites continue to tango in harmony today!

Bucchianico: Festa dei Bandereisi

Life In Abruzzo Casetta Lucciola, Colledara, TE, Italy +1 more

The Festa dei Banderesi, is an unmissable historic and colourful festa and re-anactment held annually in May in the Abruzzo town of Bucchianico (CH).


Cantine Aperte in Abruzzo May 2024

Life In Abruzzo Casetta Lucciola, Colledara, TE, Italy +1 more

Cantine Aperte in Abruzzo is back with a bang in 2024 when the very best of Abruzzo’s cantine and wineries fling open their doors on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May and invite wine lovers to come and do some wine tasting!

Prezza Artichoke Festival

Prezza Piazza Umberto 1, Prezza, L'Aquila, Italy

Prezza’s annual Artichoke & Olive Oil Sagra celebrates the famous small artichokes that grow on just one side of this small fortified town that sits on a spur of the Sirente

Barisciano Fuoco di San Giovanni

Barisciano Piazzale della fonte grande, Barisciano, Aquila, Italy

Barisciano lights its traditional and very entertaining fire for San Giovanni, this is likely to be something you have never experienced before, we highly recommend a visit!


Truffle Magic in Roccascalegna – June 2024

Roccascalegna Centro storico, Roccascalegna, Chieti, Italy

Spending a morning exploring  Roccascalegna Castle, followed by truffle hunting and an extensive truffle lunch, is the perfect way to start a Wednesday and indulge in a unique and unforgettable experience in June in Abruzzo


Forest Bathing in Abruzzo (in English)

Abbazia San Liberatore a Maiella Contrada San Liberatore, Serramonacesca, Pescara, Italy

Join Jacqui Dixon for Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) in Abruzzo (in English). This is a slow, guided walk under a canopy of trees, with a series of nature based exercises designed to engage all the senses to arrive at a calmness and stillness through total immersion within the forest atmosphere (there is no immersion in water). 


Medieval Times Festival in Spoltore

Centro storico, Spoltore Centro storico, Spoltore, Pescara, Italy

Visiting the Spoltore Medieval Times Festival offers a captivating journey back in time, immersing visitors in the rich and vibrant atmosphere of the Middle Ages. From elaborate costumes and authentic reenactments to traditional music and artisan crafts, the festival provides a unique opportunity to experience the magic and charm of medieval life.

Domenica al Museo – Free Entrance State Musuems

Museo Archeologico Nazionale - La Civitella Via Giuseppe Salvatore Pianell 1, Chieti, Chieti, Italy

Each first Sunday of the month, Abruzzo and Italian state museums and archaeological sites open their doors for free as part of ‘Domenica al Museo’. This is a fabulous, national wide initiative that allows you to explore and discover the history and treasures of Abruzzo without charge outside your transportation to the site.

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