A Hive of Art, Honey & Bee Love: Tornareccio

Heart of wax, 2009: Adelchi Riccardo Mantovani

Heart of wax, 2009: Adelchi Riccardo Mantovani


Tornareccio is the town in Abruzzo that everyone should make a beeline to who loves art, bees and honey. The town has been transformed into an open-air museum and a vibrant centre of contemporary art that pays homage to its status of capital of honey in the region with its outstanding sagra, ‘Regina di Miele’.

Their honey festa takes place annually at the end of September.  At this, you can enjoy tasting sessions from the best honey across each of Abruzzo’s provinces (Abruzzo produces 15% of Italian honey), as well as bee-related products, meet passionate beekeepers and attend workshops for beekeeping tips and sit-in at cooking demonstrations.

Since 2006, each year between July-August ‘Un Mosaico per Tornareccio’ (a mosaic for Tornareccio) takes place.   Paintings are displayed of submissions in this annual art competition, the jury will pick one which will be turned into a mosaic over the next year to be displayed in the town. The event was kickstarted by Alfredo Paglione who in memory of his Abruzzo roots donated 30 works of art to create the ‘Pallano Art Room’.  Together he and the Associazione Amici del Mosaico (AMA) have created an irresistible mix of art and culture in this small town’s cobbled streets.

2007: Lucio Trojano

2007: Lucio Trojano



View each mosiac on the Un Mosaico per Tornareccio website

You can find Abruzzo’s honey capital Tornareccio in Chieti on Mount Pallano overlooking the Sangro Valley.   Other festivals to look out for in the town are

  • 3rd May 3rd: Feast of St Nicola
  • 4th May,  Feast of St. Emidio
  • 15-16th July, Feast of Madonna del Carmine
  • 29-30-31 August, Feasts of Perdono (Forgiveness)

Visit the Websites for Further Information


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