Agriturismo la Pergolata, Cellino Attanasio

The Agriturismo la Pergolata just outside Cermignano was an accidental discovery on New Year’s Eve 2008, when alas it was closed! However, some small research online convinced us that the place was worth a revisit (something about Abruzzo-famous truffles), so we did. Thank goodness.

A small lane off the road from Cermignano to Cellino Attanasio leads you to a farmhouse building, the courtyard of which has parking and the entrance to the actual eating area of la Pergolata. One of those places that from the outside you can tell nothing, but once inside turns out to be a well-appointed dining area. And busy. This was one of those days when we really did not know what to expect, were refreshingly open-minded therefore, and easy-going (rare indeed). But the place and the food turned out to be great.

La PergolataAs foody agriturismi go La Pergolata was an excellent find, and one of the oldest agriturismi we had been to; the quality of the service, the food & the wine all truly above par. Anti-pasti was disappointingly staggering (disappointing because we’d actually asked the young lady serving if it was likely 2 portions would be more than we could manage, she said “no” – she lied), all fabulous, bizarrely amazing things like focaccia-style bruschette, pickled onions, mini-omelettes, FRIED ONION RINGS[!!], fried cheese, beans, a sort of soup barley, fresh cheese with red onions, to name but a few. All wonderful.

We expressed our churlish preferences in our “primi piatti”, one of us going for the tagliatelle “castrato” sugo, a red sauce with sections of meat reassuringly detached – pasta was perfectly cooked, though after the anti-pasti was a bit hard to finish; the other had a fabulous ravioli with ricotta cheese, with ground walnuts, mushroom, butter, and additional walnuts…delicious (apparently one of the best we have had so far!).

Finishing off on a pre-agreed “mista carne” was a struggle, but we almost made it! And it did come with marvellously fluffy jacket potatoes. Mama mia! The rest was smuggled out for an undeserving (and bloody ungrateful) cocker spaniel. Seriously good agriturismo, we would recommend la Pergolata without hesitation, especially for walnut lovers.


La Pergolata has now moved, from Cermignano closer to Cellino Attanasio (see updated map link below); new premises are bright, clean and in our opinion well-appointed, though we know some people feel it now lacks some of the cosiness it used to be famous for. Food however was still wonderful on our visit, incredible selection of antipasti that would have been a meal for two in itself, with chickpeas, beans, prosciutto, cheeses, fresh olives, farro, lentils, fiori de latte, pickled onions and amazing sun-dried tomatoes, fried onion rings and other fritti, timballi and peperoncini frittata, tripe…mein gott…this was followed by tagliatelle alla boscaiola and five huge cannelloni-style foglio with tomato sauce & pecorino and a bit of meat, far too much for mortal consumption so we asked to take it home with us…all this for a staggering €25 for two people! Including a litre of wine and fizzy water! Still very definitely worth a visit, as long as you are hungry.

Quality of Food:  10/10
Value for Money: 9/10


Contact Details

Agriturismo la Pergolata
via Vecchia
Cellino Attanasio (Te)

Closed (at original address, not sure if still correct):
Tuesday for dinner
Wednesday all day

Roddy Newlands
Author: Roddy Newlands

Roddy Newlands is an Associate Member of Life In Abruzzo, as well as antique book dealer and web and graphic designer. Abruzzo allows him to get his mountain-air fix, & satisfy his passion for pasta & panettone.

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