Lavender Season at Agriturismo D. Fiore

Lavender Farm Abruzzo

Agriturismo D. Fiore celebrates the season with hand-tended lavender, grown on the rich lands of our little piece of paradise.


The months of May and June are about rejuvenation at Agriturismo D. Fiore. The last throes of our mild winters have long subsided and the gentle cool has given way to a smiling sun. A buzz is in the air and lots of things are happening. It’s when we trim the grass and hedges and carefully deadhead our rose bushes, and when our Australian Shepherd dog Spike re-discovers his passion for rolling in the grass and chasing cats. But above all else, it is when our precious Essentia lavender blossoms and matures.

Essentia In Bloom

Italian lavender toiletriesOn the very cusp of spring and summer, our beautiful lavender blooms — forming what looks like waves of blue-violet on either side of our house. Drivers often pull over to get a better look at these blankets of indigo, striking patches of vivid color against the earthy green and golden brown of the countryside. This lavender will eventually be harvested, distilled and infused into our Essentia line of cosmetics. 

The lavender season also signifies the beginning of event season, when a steady flow of interesting and eclectic guests start booking our picturesque location for their family celebrations, parties with friends, and an array of inspiring artistic performances and educational seminars. There is nothing quite like a day or evening in the lavender fields. 

The Season’s Events 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest announcements of upcoming events. Here’s just a small list of fun activities we’ve hosted and plan to again:

Holistic and Spiritual Seminars

Our guests provide you the opportunity to open your mind to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, meditation, and many other natural healing remedies. Our locale offers the perfect sensory experience to ease you into a state of tranquility and get in touch with your spiritual self. 

Yoga in the lavender Abruzzo

Live Musical Performances

Last year, we hosted several music events, including a harp and violin performance. It was a magical evening we’d love to repeat and hope events like it become a tradition. We’re proud to promote the talents of our local performers as well as artists from far and wide. We’re convinced our venue is the ideal location for an intimate artistic experience, bringing performer and audience closer together in an enchanting atmosphere.

Summer musical events on a lavender farm

Agriturismo Educational Presentations 

Book Agriturismo D. Fiore and our Essentia lavender fields to organise or take part in a wide variety of family-friendly activities and educational events we host throughout the season, from book readings and philosophical discussions to visual arts showings and group tutorials.

Lavender Photo Opportunities

Our property offers a spectacular view from every angle and vantage point. Whether you want to pose in front of the rolling carpet of the Abruzzo countryside or turn westward so the peaks of the Maiella and Gran Sasso rise behind you; whether you want to stand in the lavender field surrounded by indigo or have the shimmering blue of the Adriatic as your backdrop, we’ve got you covered for every romantic, joyous and inspiring moment you want to capture. 

Photoshoot experiences start at €10 per person and can include taking home a bouquet of freshly picked lavender flowers for an additional €5.

Animals on Location

Our ponies and mule tend to shy away from petting, but with a little patience and encouragement, you might be able to introduce yourself to them. Make sure you say hi to our other pets too, though, or they’ll feel left out!

Luna and Bella at Agriturisimo d.fiore Abruzzo

Book Today

Whether it’s lavender picking under the sun on a beautiful afternoon, a massage with Tibetan bowls humming under the shade of our fig trees, or a night of watching shooting stars with an aperitivo, Agriturismo D. Fiore and the Essentia lavender fields can help you create a truly unique, enriching and memorable experience. 

We’re now accepting individual bookings so you can organise a photography session with our land as your backdrop, or reserve a date to enjoy the view with an aperitivo. Our rooms are available for rent for overnight stays, and we’re offering lunch/dinner events for a minimum of eight guests with a reservation – please call to inquire about availability. 

We’ll be having several public events throughout the season, so keep posted on the Agriturismo D. Fiore Facebook page to learn about upcoming seminars, performances and events – and don’t be shy to reach out and let us know what kinds of events you’d love to attend! 

View Agriturismo D.Fiore on the Abruzzo Directory or website.

D'Alessio Family
Author: D'Alessio Family

When Fiore and Adolfa D’Alessio returned from their adopted land of Canada to buy a piece of land on a hill in their native Abruzzo, all that stood was a small farmhouse surrounded by empty fields. Inspired by the view of the vivid blue of the Adriatic on one side and pastoral countryside scattered with medieval towns on the other, it was easy to see why they fell in love with the location.
They had a vision as they looked upon the empty fields–to develop this land into their own little family resort, where their children could always return from far and wide to share in the beauty and tranquility of the Abruzzo countryside and beaches. 

Years after and with the help and inspiration from their three children–Mary, Lisa, and John–and their five grandchildren–Paolo, Alexander, Madeleine, Emily and Ava–the small farmhouse on the hill has been restored and this little piece of land has become the piece of paradise Fiore and Adolfa first envisioned. 

Their love of cooking and entertaining friends and family inspired Mary to encourage them  to pursue their passion and talents by establishing the Agriturismo D. Fiore.

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