Agriturismo Vaccari, Isola del Gran Sasso

The View from the Vacarri Agriturismo

View from Signor Vaccari’s Agriturismo

Agriturismo Vaccari is the first Abruzzo agriturismo that we ever ate in, and it’s been our favourite ever since for its friendliness, quality of food and the price – 3 courses for 2 people with half a litre of wine is 28 euros!

It’s located on the road from Villa Petto to Isola del Gran Sasso, Teramo so just a 10 minute drive from Casetta Lucciola! It also has stunning views of the Corno Grande, particularly Autumn when the light is fantastic for those that like to eat and capture a view.

There is no formal menu, they cook a variety of dishes that are in season and promote sustainability, helping to cut down on needless food miles.  This is no frills dining, the difference being that what is produced is just simply delicious.

Vaccari's PlatterTheir antipasti should not be missed out; it can be a meal in itself, and if you have come from a grey city that doesn’t reflect the colours of the season this will soon wake you up and make feel that you have come in from the cold. Last night as a Spring example we had:

– Bruschetta Slices with fried Zucchini (Courgette), Tomato & Fresh Anchovy and plain Virgin Olive Oil.

– Slices of Bresola, Prosciutto, Pecorino & Formaggi Fresca (an Abruzzo type of light Mozarella).

– Sun-Dried Fava beans (Broadbeans) that had been then soaked briefly in oil & salt (delicious).

– Grilled Aubergine.

– Hot Fagioli – Cooked Borlotti Beans with small pieces of Tripe (which we’ve grown to love thanks to Vaccari’s), in herbs & oil.

– Hot Lumarche – Snails in a chilli, tomato sauce.

Fettucine a la VaccariAfterwards it’s a choice of pasta with a couple of simple sauce options – ‘Bianco’ or ‘Rosso’.  Rosso is with the local Teramo version of Polpettine, (mini meatballs that have a slight liquorice flavour which works brilliantly with tomatoes), Bianco is cream with mushrooms and local picked funghi.  There is a choice of 3 fresh pasta types or gnocchi and plenty of parmesan and chilli peppers that don’t bite your head off to accompany.

For those that can still face the meat course (we always wait till after our pasta to see how we are feeling), there is very good grilled (brace) of lamb, mixed grill including boar and sausage or beef steak – this is served with a simple green salad.  What we love about the meat here is that unlike many Abruzzo restaurants/agriturismi they are cautious with their salt usage, so you never leave the restaurant feeling that you are gasping and need to drink a lake on your return home.

The red wine here is wonderful, fruity and light and served chilled, atypically – it’s delicious so make an effort to go with just the house wine you won’t be peeved that you didn’t…

Fresh fruit and liquor is always on the house with lemon sorbets again for those that still have room.

Strangely it is often quiet here and you may find yourselves the first people there, but don’t be put off it’s really worth trying.

Signor Vaccari's Restaurant


Quality of Food:  9
Value for Money: 10/10

Cost: 28 euros for 2 people including house wine

Restaurant Details

Address: Contrada Trignano 13,  Trignano, Isola del Gran Sasso, 64045, TE
Telephone: 0861 975045
No official website or email address

Roddy Newlands
Author: Roddy Newlands

Roddy Newlands is an Associate Member of Life In Abruzzo, as well as antique book dealer and web and graphic designer. Abruzzo allows him to get his mountain-air fix, & satisfy his passion for pasta & panettone.

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