Walks on the Flat: Abruzzo’s Coastal Cycle Path


A coastal walk is always invigorating, but especially in Abruzzo if you follow the evolving cycle path  (Pista Ciclabile ) that trails its Adriatic Coast and connects 6 regions.

While not fully finished, the path offers captivating walks, showcasing diverse seascapes.

Enhance your experience by taking a train to your starting point, enjoying a delicious surprise lunch, and then catching a very affordable train back. Tina Fuselli, a Brit who made the move across to the coastal town of Vasto with her mother Andree, shares her account and top picks for coastal walks in Abruzzo!


Embarking on our Pista Ciclabile adventure has been an absolute joy for my spirited 80+-year-old mother and me,  each stride provides a diverse and stunning panorama.  Our goal? To traverse every possible stretch without venturing onto the coastal road, the SS16.

The true charm of the Pista Ciclabile lies in its flat terrain, making it accessible for walkers of all ages and fitness levels.  Our journeys typically kick off with a train ride from our home in Vasto, leading us to a starting point that promises both scenic views and a return train back from another charming town. While coordinating train schedules can be a bit of a puzzle, the thrill of exploration far outweighs any logistical challenges.

Armed with Google Maps as our trusty guide, we meticulously plan our route, ensuring every step aligns with the vibrant path laid out before us. Lunch breaks at a carefully chosen midpoint, but unchosen restaurant is a delightful part of our routine, providing the perfect interlude to refuel and savour the journey with a surprise tasty menu to explore.

Though most of our walks have been a dynamic duo affair, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the adventure with friends on occasion, turning our 15-20 km walks into memorable group excursions. From the northernmost point in Martinsicuro to the southernmost in San Salvo Marina, we’ve covered an impressive 160 km on foot, completing the full 135 km stretch in sections.

Here’s a cheerful rundown of our favourite stretches, each with its unique charm:

1. **Martinsicuro to Giulianova (18.5 km):** A mesmerising coastal walk with a touch of urban exploration. Cyclists abound on Sundays, but the path offers endless beauty.


2. **Giulianova to Alba Adriatica (12.5 km):** A continuation of our coastal escapade, this leg rewards us with fantastic pizza lunches.

3. **Ortona to Fossacesia (19.5 km):** Passing the port, this scenic route takes us through Fossacesia, with a brief stint on SS16 to reach the station.

4. **Vasto Marina to Porto Turistico di San Salvo (7 km):** A local favorite with tree-lined paths, often extended to a 14 km round trip for a delightful meal in San Salvo Marina.

5. **Roseto degli Abruzzi to Silvi:** A challenging route not due to the path but the train schedule.

6. **Pineto to Pescara (21.5 km):** Our longest walk, enjoyed with friends, including a brief 10-minute stretch on Statale with pavement.

7. **Casalbordino to Torino di Sangro and back (18 km):** A pleasant walk with friends and Lucy the dog, occasionally extending beyond if the path permits.

8. **Montesilvano to Francavilla (16.5 km):** A delightful May walk, witnessing the awakening of beachside lidos for the season.


9. **Pescara to Tollo (15.5 km):** A serene stroll until Tollo, where the lack of Pista Ciclabile limits further exploration.

10. **Casalbordino to Punta Aderci (8.5 km):** A nice walk through the Nature Reserve, with an option to extend to Vasto Marina for an additional 9 km.


Feeling the rhythm of the Pista Ciclabile beneath our feet has become a source of joy and discovery. So lace up your walking shoes, embrace the adventure, and join us in exploring the wonders of this enchanting trail

Tina Fuselli
Author: Tina Fuselli

Mother and daughter bought apartment in Vasto 2017, with a view to moving full time in 2021, due to covid moved in 2020. Originally only I was moving to Italy but then my mother Andrée came to see what I loved about Vasto and promptly said " I'm coming also".

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