Support, Dignity & Respect for L’Aquila

Red Cross Tent in Assergi

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Wow, everyone’s donations to the International Red Cross Appeal for L’Aquila means they are almost halfway to the amount they have said is needed to provide full support to those people whose lives were tragically altered on the 6th April 2009 in the province of L’Aquila.

2.9 million Euros Needed  to Fund Support, Dignity & Respect

So far through everyone’s generosity they have raised 2.9 million euros of the 4.9 million required to help support the tiered plan of:

Emergency > Rehabilitation > Reconstruction

for the city and hill villages most affected in L’Aquila.  The organisation currently has a total of 900 volunteers supporting 22,000 people in immediate needs such as shelter, food, medical care & psychosocial support.

6 Months Essential Care

It is hoped that after 6 months this figure will go down to 7,000 once people’s homes have been repaired.  They currently have 6 camps set up, 2 in Assergi, 1 in San Gregorio, 1 in Collemagio and another in Centiceolella, with a capacity of 4,500 beds.  The sixth is used to accommodate Red Cross staff.

22,000 Meals Per Day

The mobile kitchens that are run by the Italian Red Cross are currently providing a total of 22,000 meals per day.  Obviously the leading role in reconstruction remains with the Italian government and local authorities, but in the meantime the Red Cross will be supporting the local population to ensure that wherever possible each individual can live their altered life with dignity and respect.

Weather & Aftershocks Don’t Make Easy Living

It’s been difficult – the weather has been atrocious, causing landslides and creating further problems including halting gas supply… we need to keep up our support.

Bank Holiday weekend’s are the perfect time to fundraise, so how about holding a simple barbecue or picnic this May Labour Day?  You can invite your friends to donate to your Red Cross Pot for each sausage & large glass of red wine they enjoy.. every little counts and most importantly will  help to make sure that the next 6 months in L’Aquila isn’t quite so grim as the last 3 weeks.

Further Reading

Read The Red Cross Report, it’s interesting as it will help answer any worries anyone had about wandering funds too.

Roddy Newlands
Author: Roddy Newlands

Roddy Newlands is an Associate Member of Life In Abruzzo, as well as antique book dealer and web and graphic designer. Abruzzo allows him to get his mountain-air fix, & satisfy his passion for pasta & panettone.

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