Petition to Save La Riserva Naturale del Borsacchio

On December 29th at 2.30 am, Abruzzo’s Regional government legislated to cut the ‘Riserva’ from 1100 to  24.7 hectares, without prior scientifc or technical consultation and its impact on its rich biodiversity and wildlife.  

Read the full account here

This is La Riserva Naturale del Borsacchio’s petition against recently legislated cuts that remove 78% of this protected area. Please do consider signing to ensure this piece of protected ‘Abruzzo’ remains a flourishing nature reserve. 

All signatures from this English language version of the petition will be delivered to the Riserva on the 29th January  when they will deliver the petition to the Regional government. 

The Cuts to Riserva Borsacchio

The legislated cuts to the reserve.  The area in green by the beach is all that will remain

Photos of the Riserva  From Members of  the Life In Abruzzo Fb Group

Credits Olga Bibi Segaar and Jet Verberne

Each year Olga makes sculptures in honour of the Fratino (Kentish Plover) that nest in the reserve
Each year Olga makes sculptures in honour of the Fratino (Kentish Plover) that nest in the reserve


The Council of Ministers has issued a moratorium which suspends activity until further consideration has been evaluated when regional law infringes national law. To help this process you can now email them if you have a PEC email address to submit your disapproval of this cut.  As the Reserve says “the more the merrier!”

There is an easy template for this, so it is just a question of adding your name, address and date and emailing it. 

Simply click through to the Reserve’s page for instructions and the template.

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