Frattoli’s Dizzy Gastro Walking

Frattoli Abruzzo

Stunning vistas, gastronomic delights and gently rambling walks is something that Frattoli does superbly well. A small C13th town, Frattoli is tucked up high at 1115masl, set opposite Abruzzo’s northerly skiing & hiking-resort of Prato Selva in the Gran Sasso National Park of Mountains & Lakes.

Frattoli is surrounded by walnut, chestnut and beech tree forests; our favourite time looking out onto the ledges of the Monte Corvo is Autumn, when the light takes a back step and the bright coloured autumnal leaves kick up their frilly skirts across the valley and craggy massifs.

Frattoli Vistas

Frattoli Chiesa San GiovanniA morning or afternoon exploring & rambling in Frattoli should be planned, ideally with eating at ristoro Monti della Laga, aka Locanda Valentina.  For those who prefer to do no more than take in a marvellous view, take a  seat  by the picnic tables of the 1660 Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, it provides the most stunning vistas and its external bell ropes fuel silly questions which came first: bell ropes or hangman nooses.

There are a number of National Park walks around the village all signposted from 10 minutes up to 1 hr.40 mins.  This is wild mushroom land so if you are a fan expect good pickings, I must admit we don’t have a clue beyond porcini and the magic ones with nipples, but they still make interesting features to the landscape, and something to avoid squashing whilst rambling.  Don’t be surprised to hear some loud thumps around you if you do go into the woods and into the valleys around here at this time of year, they’re wild boar who I imagine flock to the national park area to escape the multitude of hunters that show up on Sundays just outside their protection zone.

Part of the Town of Frattoli

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