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La Vigilia: 7 Fishes and Seafood Recipes from Abruzzo

Christmas Eve & Recipes for 7 Fishes Feast

In Abruzzo, the Christmas Eve (La Vigilia di Natale) dinner is more important than that of Christmas Day.  Menus at home & in restaurants in Abruzzo will be meat-free and build on some delicious fish, seafood, and then a little more excellent fish and seafood!

The Feast of the 7 Fishes, 7 being the number of virtues and sacraments is popular in restaurants and these dinners are probably one of the most expensive to go out for in the year.  However, in homes, it is not usually quite as extensive  Most of my neighbours have 3 fish dishes, some Baccalà fritters, seafood, and a final fish dish.  So any number goes as long it has some sort of symbology within the Catholic Church, 3 being the Trinity.

We used to have a fish van that would visit the village every Friday and on Christmas Eve, sadly he is no longer with us and today most people buy from the local well-stocked supermarket that does buy locally from the fish ports of Giulianova and Rosetto degli Abruzzi.

Here are 7 fish and seafood recipes that we have picked up along the way!

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