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Events & Sagre

Accounts of some of the more famous events , feste and sagre in Abruzzo

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There aren’t many things that don’t change but timeless Cocullo is one of those. Here we look back at the artists and photographers who recorded it in the 20th century, that Pete Austin first put together in our FB group, and which we have extended to include a couple more.

If you are in Abruzzo in November, and like your autumn nights peppered with gathering outdoors to watch colossal towering pyres lit that evoke rites traditions from the distant past that celebrate new beginnings with song, Vino Novello, Scanno’s ‘Le Glorie di San Martino’ is unmissable!

Abruzzo’s traditional New Year was known as ‘Capetiempe’ & loosely spanned the nights of 31st October through to the 11th November. Through a local folk tale, Favole e Leggende d’Abruzzo explores this time of death and rebirth, practiced in many areas of Abruzzo till just after the 2nd World War

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