Art for L’Aquila Invitation

Art for L'Aquila

Art for L’Aquila created by the Art Project Minerva cordially invites you to the Italian Cultural Institute to a fundraising exhibition and auction conducted by Bloomsbury Auctions to raise funds for the restoration of the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio after the L’Aquila earthquake. After the auction there will be a performance by Antonio Forcione, the acoustic guitar maestro that The Guardian proclaimed ‘one of the best acoustic guitarists.

Art for L'Aquila CatalogueView the online catalogue/il catalogo on-line click here

Monies Raised

The Abruzzo artists elected for funds raised from the auction to be donated towards the restoration of the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio, they wanted everybody to once again be able to enjoy looking at something beautiful within the city historic centre of L’Aquila.  The artists & organizers believe that, for the people of the city of L’Aquila and its surrounding little hill villages who may not all have their own walls to hang art on at the moment, electing this fund for monies raised is an important element of true street art, when simply walking along the street provides the opportunity to be captivated by something beautiful that takes you away from the present or the mundane, and gladdens the soul.

“Art for art is a wonderful idea” Giving money is one thing, but the opportunity to use one’s art to bring back and restore art in l’Aquila is something more.” Fredi Marcarini

Vettriano TriptychOf particular note is the Vettriano Triptych.  This limited edition signed photographic artwork forms part of an ongoing artistic collaboration between the highly renowned & popular British artist Jack Vettriano, and the acclaimed Italian photographer Fredi Marcarini, and was shot in the artist’s London home and studio.  This collaborative work is a fine representation of the spirit of the Art for L’Aquila charity auction, representing both Italian and international artists working together to raise funds. Jack sent a personal note accompanying his donation,

“I greatly admire the efforts made by the young, emerging artists of Abruzzo who have given their work to the Art for Aquila auction and I was particularly moved to hear they have asked for the funds raised to go towards the restoration of the dome of Santa Maria del Suffragio. I have always been stimulated by visual pleasures and I absolutely share these artists’ sentiment that everyone should have the chance to walk down the street and view something beautiful every day.”

Exhibition Dates: Monday 29th June – Sunday 05 July 09

Opening times: Mon-Fri 10am-20pm Sat – Sun 09, 10am-4pm

Gala Auction Date: Thursday 2nd July 09, commencing at 7pm

39 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8NX

Hyde Park Corner-Piccadilly Line, Victoria-Circle & District Lines

Not in London but Want to Bid?

View the catalogue online and if there is a particular lot that you are interested in sending an absentee bid for please contact Richard Caton at Bloomsbury Auctions by telephone: +44 (0) 20 7495 9494 or by email:  A guide price is available on request and available on the night of the auction.  All absentee bids must be received by 17.00 bst.  A phone bid service will be available for those who require but must be arranged with Richard Caton first.

Tell your Friends

If you aren’t a modern or contemporary art fan, but want to help in the restoration of L’Aquila and you  have friends that are lovers of modern art, let them know that this is a perfect opportunity to view not just the best works from Abruzzo & Italy’s finest young artists but in addition a rare chance to buy pieces at a charity auction by more established international artists.

It is a wonderful cause, helping to restore confidence amongst a set of people who had their world literally swept from under their feet.  In addition it helps look to the future and show that this remarkable area of Central Italy has something else beyond an earthquake associated with it, in this case a wealth of artistic talent, and that should be fostered to help grow the popularity of the region and its economy.

Support Abruzzo

Princess Margaret by Christofer DierdoffOne of the featured international pieces is a photographic portrait of the Late Princess Margaret by Emmy Award & New York Times Award Winning for Outstanding Excellence in Photography Christofer Dierdoff.  For any doubters out there why to support Abruzzo and these established & young artists at the Art for L’Aquila fundraising exhibition & auction here’s a few words by Christofer himself…

“As a photographer, there are a very few, unique locations around the world that consistently inspire me through the endlessly stunning visual gifts which continually manifest themselves before my eyes. Three such places readily come to mind. The first is the Yosemite Valley in California. The second is the fjords of Norway and the third is the Abruzzo region around l’Aquila. Photographically it doesn’t matter if you are interested in people, villages, nature or landscapes. The visual tapestry continually unfolds before your eyes. The Abruzzo shares its riches with you until you fall hopelessly in love with all that it has to offer. The pull of Abruzzo’s magic was so strong for me that last year my wife and I purchased a small second home there.

The scope of the sadness and irrational nature of the tragedy brought about by the recent earthquake in the Abruzzo is enormously difficult to comprehend. For those interested in visiting the area, it is important to remember that the spirit that infuses Abruzzo is vibrant and alive. It lives within the region’s wonderful souls. It is contained in the sunshine that every day lights up the verdant hills. It wells up through the ground feeding all things living. It fills the air with the richest of scents and flavors the foods with hints of the divine. Abruzzo’s spirit has never left. It is of that place. A quake no matter how large cannot remove the soul of Abruzzo from its birthplace. The earthquake briefly shook the ground but it could not alter the inherent beauty that is there for everyone to see, experience and photograph. The essence of Abruzzo’s dolce vita remains.”

©Santa Maria del Suffragio Photography donated with thanks

Before – Francesca Monilo/Mom0*83

After – Manuela Cigliutti

Any Questions


Roddy Newlands
Author: Roddy Newlands

Roddy Newlands is an Associate Member of Life In Abruzzo, as well as antique book dealer and web and graphic designer. Abruzzo allows him to get his mountain-air fix, & satisfy his passion for pasta & panettone.

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