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Sante Marie (AQ) Chestnut Festival

Sante Marie Corso Garibaldi, 104, Sante Marie

Sante Marie's chestnut festival is one of Abruzzo's most famous chestnut towns. Enjoy the walks and cycle rides organised through the chestnut woods during the sagra to the usual celebrations and walk around this mural town in the province of L'Aquila

Le Casette degli Angeli

Schiavi di Abruzzo Piazza Castello, Schiavi di Abruzzo

Schiavi di Abruzzo (Chieti) is hosting its traditional, “Le casette degli Angeli” (The houses of the Angels).  Children are encouraged to build with their Mothers a miniature house using recycled materials that can house a small votive lamp dedicated to a recently deceased loved one. 


Perano Borgo diVino

Perano Centro Storico, Perano

Join Perano's street food and wine tour with plenty of opportunities to try typical local products, new wine and enjoy the gala of the greatest wines of Abruzzo!

Apertura notturna Halloween e Mangiafuoco

Castello Medievale di Roccascalegna Via Roma, Vico II, 1, Roccascalegna

On the scariest night of the year, put on your scariest disguise and come and visit the Roccascalegna castle at night!

Recurring Event La Notte Delle Lumère n.5

La Notte Delle Lumère n.5

Gira e Rigira Via del Lago, Santo Stefano di Sessanio

La Notte Delle Lumère n.5, in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, is an evening event that weaves you through the medieval streets, accompanied by donkeys, music, and tales that step back in time to hear and experience how the traditional ‘New Year’, the Capetièmpe, was celebrated by the farming community in its celebrations between 31st October and San Martino day.

L’aneme de le Morte

Serramonacesca Piazza del Popolo, Serramonacesca

Serramoncesca,  PE, L’Aneme de Le Morte begin their Celebrations on the 31st of October and run through to the 1st of November. the eve of ‘Il Giorno dei Morti’,  (Day of the Dead).  It's a fun, very atmospheric celebration that takes Abruzzese rites and customs with a hint of Halloween for a very traditional celebration ready for ‘i Morti’ on the 2nd of November that remembers deceased members of the family. 

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