Teramo: I am All In My Eyes – Sebastiana Papa Photography Exhibition

Polo Museale Città di Teramo - L'Arca laboratorio per le arti contemporanee Largo San Matteo, Teramo, Teramo, Italy

Step into a world where the power of a single gaze holds the key to unlocking hidden stories and unveiling the essence of humanity.

"I'm all in my eyes," is a mesmerising anthology that showcases the remarkable works of acclaimed Abruzzese photographer Sebastiana Papa.


Vasto – San Michele Patron Saint Festival

Vasto P.za Gabriele Rossetti, Vasto, Abruzzo, Italy

The San Michele Arcangelo Patron Saint Festival in Vasto is a vibrant and cherished annual 3-day celebration. This lively event honours San Michele with religious processions, colourful parades, and traditional Italian music and dance performances. Locals and visitors come together to revel in joyful festivities that capture Vasto's rich cultural heritage

Event Series Book Swap Club

Casoli: Book Swap Club

Bar Colanzi Via Selva Piana, Casoli, Chieti, Italy

Join Vivienne on the last Thursday of each month in Casoli for an English language book swap over fantastic coffee and cake in Bar Colanzi!

Domenica al Museo – Free Entrance State Musuems

Museo Archeologico Nazionale - La Civitella Via Giuseppe Salvatore Pianell, 1, Chieti, Chieti, Italy

Each first Sunday of the month, Abruzzo and Italian state museums and archaeological sites open their doors for free as part of ‘Domenica al Museo’. This is a fabulous, national wide initiative that allows you to explore and discover the history and treasures of Abruzzo without charge outside your transportation to the site.

42 Fiera D’Agricultura di Alanno

Alanno Piazza Umberto I, Alanno, Chieti, Italy

This agricultural weekender is a fair organised by the Comune of Alanno and Agricultural organisations.  Expect lots of tractors food, and local artisans showing off their skills, like basketmakers, beekeepers with their honey, wine etc. A bit different from the standard festa as it is more of an exhibition of the diverse set of agricultural activities that happens in the locality.


Tagliacozzo – Cantine nella Roccia

Tagliacozzo Piazza duca degli Abruzzi, Tagliacozzo, Abruzzo, Italy

Not just roast chestnuts at Tagliacozzo's Cantine nella Roccia autumn-themed open cellar sagra. There are plenty of local autumn dishes to try and take delight in and plenty of music and crafts too!

The Old Streets of Civitella Roveto (Le Antiche Rue a Civitella Roveto)

Civitella Roveto Piazza San Giovanni Battista, Civitella Roveto, AQ, Italy

The aim of this eno-gastronomic event is to introduce visitors to the chestnut “Roscetta”, a typical variety of the Valle Roveto and, at the same time, re-evaluate and give new life to the small town of Civitella Roveto. 


Sante Marie (AQ) Chestnut Festival

Sante Marie Corso Garibaldi, 104, Sante Marie, AQ, Italy

 Sante Marie is one of Abruzzo's most famous chestnut towns and its chestnut festival is legendary. Enjoy the walks and cycle rides organised through the chestnut woods during the sagra to the usual celebrations and walk around this mural town in the province of L'Aquila

Opi Sapori d’Autunno

Opi Via S. Giovanni, Opi, AQ

On the last weekend of October, Opi one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a "stronghold" of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise will dress up in the colours and flavours of Autumn with its ancient festival.

L’aneme de le Morte

Serramonacesca Piazza del Popolo, Serramonacesca, Pescara, Italy

Serramoncesca,  PE, L’Aneme de Le Morte begin their Celebrations on the 31st of October and run through to the 1st of November. the eve of ‘Il Giorno dei Morti’,  (Day of the Dead). 

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