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RIP L'Aquila

How You Can Help L’Aquila & the Little Mountain Villages

For an update & 4 ways on April 6 2010  how you  can help  please click here

Sadly, since the L’Aquila earthquake struck in the early hours of Monday the death toll has now risen to 294.  The number of homeless people in tent city who haven’t been given a hotel room or have been unable to find family & friends to stay with stands at 17,000, there are another 1000 who are in the make-shift field hospitals.  If you are looking to help the people of L’Aquila and the little hill villages where a lot of the elderly live these are the quickest ways to help those most affected by L’Aquila’s earthquake.

Online Donations  – Quick & Secure

Red Cross – The Italian Red Cross (CRI) have already requested help for those affected by the L’Aquila earthquake.  If you would like to help and make an online donation to assist the victims of L’Aquila’s earthquake please click on the links below – to the UK Red Cross  & US/Canada Red Cross, both forms are in English.

UK –

Northern America

NIAF –  The National Italian American Foundation have created a Abruzzo Relief Fund & their online donation form is in English.  Again here you can make a fast & easy online donation to assist in helping L’Aquila now and rebuild their lives, it’s tax free for those in the US.

The Slow Food Movement – The Slow Food Movement have set up a dedicated appeal to ensure that no one goes hungry in the surrounding mountain areas of L’Aquila.  Many of those affected in the little hill villages are ‘farmers’, not of great arable plains but what would be termed outside Abruzzo as subsistence farmers.  They are going to desperately need our help in order to not go hungry over the coming months.  Their form is in Italian so for non Italian speakers we suggest you donate using Global Giving, the form is in English but it goes directly to the Slow Food  Movement.

Global Giving for Abruzzo


Co-ordinating Website – The Abruzzo Co-ordination Emergency Website (Co-ordinamento SV Abruzzo) –  It is in Italian, but can easily be translated via Google, if you click on the link it will automatically do that for you.  I think it is being pounded so please be patient it does seem to sometimes go down.  But it lists all the areas to help with, gives the latest news.

Civil Defence Volunteers – These are providing food, hospitality and co-ordinating support. Telephone: the Pescara number – +0039 085 2057631 if you can help.  If you don’t speak Italian best wait for 48 hours, alternatively you can email them using this form

Offering Accommodation

There are approximately 17,000 homeless & although its Spring, we are talking high altitude & mountains – its COLD at night – if you have a second home nearby to L’Aquila,  anywhere in which all these people can sleep, please contact the Civil Defence number above or the UDU (it’s the university network) or telephone +0039 06.43411763.

Give Blood

There are a huge number of casualties who require transfusions, if you are in Italy please do go along to your nearest hospital or blood bank to donate blood – it costs nothing.  Here is a link to where you can go to do this if you are not sure.

An elderly homeless Abruzzo man in L'AquilaAfter living in Abruzzo for the last 4 years I would say that my Abruzzi neighbours and friends are some of the most compassionate & generous people I know, if you can and I know it’s tough for everyone at the moment please give generously to assist them in rebuilding their lives.

Image courtesy of Raffaella Del Biondo

Roddy Newlands
Author: Roddy Newlands

Roddy Newlands is an Associate Member of Life In Abruzzo, as well as antique book dealer and web and graphic designer. Abruzzo allows him to get his mountain-air fix, & satisfy his passion for pasta & panettone.

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